The Kindness Rocks
Pixel Project

Inspired by the real Kindess Rocks Project, this pixel trading club is a club to make and share "painted" rocks.

How to

1. Grab a template (or more) from below. Or make your own!
2. "Paint" the rock however you want, just make it a GIF or PNG with transparent background.
3. Animate it if you want, make it bigger, smaller. Whatever your heart desires.
4. Post that rock (and any other rocks you make or pick up) to your website and be sure to link back to their creators.
5. Join by posting your name and url on the Pixel Revival Guestbook with a little note letting me know which clique you're joining.


You may start with any of the templates here, or make your own (approx. 32x32)

The Rock Pile

Updated: Jan 02, 2024

32-bit Cafe Halloween '23 Event

Kindness Rocks is participating in a Halloween even hosted by Hop over there for information or to join in on the fun. Below are the rocks made for this event.

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