Welcome to the Revival of Pill Pals pixel clique! All you need to join PP is a site & an imagination!

The original Pill Pals was one of many pixel cliques/clubs that existed in the early 2000's and has since been left to gather dust in the old web archives. Until now!

Disclaimer: I did not create the original concept for Pill Pals and do not claim any rights to it. I'm just reviving it for the current web. <3


1. You must have a site to place your pills.
2. Link your apill page back to this address: http://pixelrevival.xyz/pillpals/.
3. Do not direct link. Save the pills to your own server.
4. DO NOT claim anyone else's pixels as your own.
5. Be sure to link each pill back to the pill box you got them from.



1. Save one (or both) of the blank pill templates above.
2. Design your pills however you like and as many as you like. The only rule is they must have a transparent background. GIF or PNG is preferable.
3. Display your pills however you like, just make sure they're easy to find.
4. Join by posting your name and the url of your pill box on the Pixel Revival Guestbook with a little note letting me know which clique you're joining.
5. Come back here and browse the pills of other members or the pills archive and add them to your box.


Pride Pills

Some pills I made for anyone that wants to add a little pride to their pill box.


These are all the pills I've been able to find while deep diving through the archives. More will be added as I find them. Feel free to take any of them you like for your pill box.

Affiliates and Listings